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Camping in Italy

Italy is the ideal place for those who want to spend a quiet holiday away from noise and traffic. It is the ideal place for families with children. For most of the campsites the entrance to the beach is direct,…

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Camping in Spain

Spain, an authentic country, inhabited by an extraordinarily friendly people that are the Spaniards. Spain is contrasted between two climates: Oceanic in the north and Atlantic coast, with rain in autumn and winter, and moderate heat in summer. Continental Mediterranean…

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Are pets allowed on the campsite?

Many campsites in Europe allow pet owners to stay with their four-legged companion. Indeed, if you want a real family holiday without excluding any members, you can book a stay at a 2 to 5 star campsite, by the sea,…

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Camping: can I park my car next to my accommodation?

Camping is more and more trendy nowadays. There are several types of infrastructures, depending on the level of comfort, equipment and attractions on site. In any case, your nights should always be comfortable. But when you go camping, the question…

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Do all the campsites offer entertainment in my mother tongue?

Camping is an activity that seems to interest a lot of people. For families with children, camping is an ideal choice for budget reasons. For most households, camping has become a habit on every holiday. This can be explained by…

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