Camping: can I park my car next to my accommodation?

Camping is more and more trendy nowadays. There are several types of infrastructures, depending on the level of comfort, equipment and attractions on site. In any case, your nights should always be comfortable. But when you go camping, the question of parking for your vehicle often arises. A vehicle parked outside the designated areas not only creates safety problems, but is also a violation of the law. Here's what you need to know to leave with peace of mind.

Camping: regulated parking spaces

One of the key criteria in choosing a campsite should be the ability to combine camping and car parking. When searching or booking, look for campsites that are listed or have on-site parking. Most of the time, these sites have set up specific pitches not far from your accommodation, where you can park your car safely. Generally, this is a service included in the site's offers and is free of charge throughout your stay. You will be able to enter and leave the area on presentation of a badge that has been provided to you. Depending on the type of infrastructure, the site is located very close to your accommodation, or within the compound, just a few steps away. In the majority of cases, there are rules to be respected regarding opening hours, as access to the site is restricted for security reasons.

Common parking for cars and camper vans

In France, you won't have any trouble finding sites dedicated to motorhomes. Most of them are with regulated access, with a time clock and an enclosure with a barrier. So it would be absurd to park a simple car in such a site. However, when you go on holiday, it happens that your accommodation is full and the parking space for your car is not available. One of the options would then be to find out about camping and parking your car in motorhome spaces, which are much safer than free access areas. Indeed, it happens that this kind of pitch also accommodates simple cars. These car parks can be without a height bar, equipped or not with a service terminal.

Parking for your second car

On a campsite, accommodation can often accommodate large families. In this case, the problem of camping and car parking arises when you come with two vehicles and the site where you are staying allows only one parking space per accommodation. In some cases, the accommodation facilities have a parking area close to the site. It is often reserved for visitors, but can also accommodate the cars of guests who have come with a second vehicle. Usually, this additional space is charged for.
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