Camping in Spain

Spain, an authentic country, inhabited by an extraordinarily friendly people that are the Spaniards. Spain is contrasted between two climates: Oceanic in the north and Atlantic coast, with rain in autumn and winter, and moderate heat in summer. Continental Mediterranean in the centre of the country, with cold, dry winters and hot summers. On the Mediterranean coast, it is a climate with a scorching heat in summer, and a mild winter. Enjoy the artistic richness of Flamenco, or the most famous elements such as bullfighting, a fabulous show to see! Campsites in Spain, fabulous places where it is good to live. They are huge, and many of them have mini-trains allowing you to visit the campsites in their entirety. They all have playgrounds, slides, golf courses, tennis courts, swimming pools and more. This is without doubt a first class tourist destination. Camping on a farm? Naturist camping ? Or caravanning? Spain offers a wide range of accommodation for all kinds of cultural activities. Among the most beautiful places we often mention the Costa Brava, or the Costa Dorada, and of course Madrid, or Barcelona, which will be places to visit obligatorily. And if you prefer to bask in the sun, Spain will not fail to provide you with plenty of sunshine for a good part of the year. Each region has its riches, and its campsites, so make sure you take the time to see most of the campsites, or find out well in advance about them, so that you can choose one of the most luxurious ones at the best price.
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