Camping: what is a children’s club?

By going on holiday in camps, whether as a family or separately, everyone can relax and make new memories. In the children's camps, they will be mixed with children of all ages. However, these camps have already planned activities according to the age of the holidaymakers in each children's club. This will help them to be more friendly and sociable while having fun as there will be no homework to return.

The children's club

A summer camp, usually set up in the middle of nature, is a place where children, adults or families stay and do group activities during the holidays. A children's club is a part of this community where the activities offered are totally dedicated and adapted to children. There, children can learn a lot and make new friends. In this adventure, all the activities are done in groups to encourage the formation of bonds between all those who participate in the children's club. Everything that is done in the club is supervised by qualified personnel: nursery nurses, people with diplomas in the field of early childhood or certified animators.

The benefits of time in the children's club

Sending your children to the Kids Club offers advantages for the parent(s). For the couple, it will allow them to relive the time when there were only them and to enjoy a little bit of this window of life without the kids. The parents can do activities that they cannot do in the presence of the children. The parent(s) can also take advantage of being alone to rest or take some time for themselves in the case of a single parent without a spouse. If you have several children, you can take advantage of the opportunity to spend some time alone with one of them while the others are at the children's club. While the others are having new adventures with new friends, you can bond more closely with the one who is spending the vacation with you.

Where can I find a kids club?

Currently, almost all centres that receive holidaymakers offer children's clubs. They all do: large and small hotels, different types of accommodation. Some establishments even include the presence of a children's club in their specifications. This is to reassure parents that their children have something to spend time with during their stay. In fact, to welcome a family, these establishments now know that it is much better to plan activities totally dedicated to children. Because it is the aim to make a holiday after all for the children, to make new friends and to have a good time.
Are the facilities open all season on the campsite?

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