Are the facilities open all season on the campsite?

Relaxation, leisure, rest... the campsite is a pleasure to share with friends or family, especially in summer. And apart from their strategic location, they are appreciated because they offer various activities. And normally, all facilities are open during this season.

Facilities open in season

The camping season often marks the opening of facilities for various activities such as swimming pool, jet-ski, spa or playgrounds. Indeed, some are not used in winter and others are useless in summer. And while the majority of campsites open their doors in July and August, others have chosen a non-stop activity. The idea is simple, to offer campers the opportunity to have fun in addition to relaxing. This way, they combine fun and relaxation with physical activities during the day and the calmer ones in the evening. This is the reason why they are often by the sea or by the lake.

Some campsites do not close at all

Some owners leave their campsites open all year round. But only the most interesting facilities remain available in the off-season. If the swimming pool is, for example, closed in winter, the spa, thalassotherapy or indoor games remain open to the public. You can also find sports facilities, such as football or basketball courts, which are free of charge in February or November. You just have to know that their opening depends on their nature, the geographical location of the campsite and its level of standing. This is hard to believe, but this kind of campsite offers even more activities to its guests than the classic campsites. Indeed, they must offer entertainment available at any season to attract and retain customers. This is what they do by being open all year round. In any case, all facilities are open during the camping season.

Seasonal campsites with facilities open all year round

The holiday period remains the most active in terms of camping. Visitors flock at this time of year. Some of them remain accessible all year round even if the campsite is only seasonal. It's simple, the campsite remains open, but the services available are limited. They can, for example, rent mobile-homes or bungalows, but decline proposals for bare place rentals. They can leave the house activities open, close the ones in the middle of nature or vice versa. They may as well open some facilities because they are profitable. They therefore choose to refuse access to other activities because they incur a lot of costs or because they do not make enough profit. On the one hand, it is an economic and strategic choice. And on the other hand, they spoil their customers.
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