How to choose your camping duvet?

Camping is an activity where comfort is not always present, but to have a hint of comfort during your escapades in the wilderness, it is important to equip yourself with a duvet adapted to your needs. Here are a few tips to help you choose your camping duvet.

Choosing a form of down

In general, campers want duvets that offer enough room to stretch and turn over, which is why so much camping down has a simple rectangular design. It's hard to tell if you feel a bag is spacious enough without zipping you inside. So, it's a good idea to go to a store to "try on" different bags to see which styles of bags feel most comfortable to you. Sleeping bags come in three basic shapes. Rectangular bags, these bags allow your limbs to stretch, some duvets can be used as a duvet once they are completely unpacked. Semi-rectangular bags, this designation covers a variety of shapes, which give optimal comfort in terms of temperature and habitability. Double bags, these bags, suitable for two, are ideal for lovers sharing the same bed. Rectangular bags designed to be zipped together can also be assembled. Some bags can also be zipped together if a person takes one bag with a zip on the right and another bag with a zip on the left.

Choosing a type of sleeping bag insulation

The big choice here is whether you want an insulated bag with standard down or synthetic down. The difference between these two types of down is that synthetic down insulation is more affordable, it continues to insulate even when wet, it dries quickly and it is non-allergenic. Standard down is lighter than synthetic down, it is very effective in cold and dry weather, as its effectiveness decreases when wet, it is often treated for water resistance for added protection in high humidity conditions, and in addition to its durability, it is easily compressible and easily packaged.

Sleeping bag accessories

You must also choose your camping duvet according to the accessories that come with it. A sleeping bag packed in a compression bag will take up less space in your luggage. Storage bag, storing a sleeping bag for a long time in its compression bag is hard on the insulation, so many bags also come with a large mesh or cotton storage bag for long term storage. Sleeping bag lining, inserting a second layer of sleeping bag into your bag improves cleanliness and offers a better temperature comfort if needed.
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