What equipment to eat when we camp?

Camping rhymes with the pleasure of getting back to simple life by going on an adventure, even if you have to leave your home. But if everything is not prepared in advance, especially camping equipment, the trip can turn out to be a failure. To make sure of that, you need to prepare the essential camping gear, as these tools are essential for your peace of mind. In this article, discover the best equipment to eat while camping.

Essential tools for cooking

First of all, a good stove is an essential tool that you must prepare when you go camping. The goal is to allow you to cook your food quickly. However, various types of stoves exist, but a small one will be perfect for a camp (gas stove with methyl alcohol, petroleum, naphtha or kerosene...). In addition, portable cookware is also essential, as it is easy to store and allows you to keep more space when you are on the move.

Tools for storing food

When camping, it is very important for hikers to ensure that the weight of their equipment is light and not too difficult to carry. This is why a small cooler is perfect for keeping food cool, or perhaps a barbecue for a grill, etc. Thermos flasks also offer the same advantages, i.e. they are practical and don't take up much space, while allowing you to eat or drink easily while on the move. Bringing a portable pantry is also a good idea. Plastic containers or cupboards in a Westfalia, a tent-trailer or a caravan, remember that you don't need to carry any other equipment to store your food, just organise it inside. Here are some foods you can carry inside: spices (pepper, salt, and all the spices you can't do without) oil, balsamic vinegar, jams, butter, and everything you need to prepare your meals.

Regarding your menus

Don't think right away that when camping, there is nothing to eat but hot sausages, sandwiches or macaroni and cheese. If you work well and are well equipped, you can also eat better than everyday foods. When camping, you can easily customize the layout of your menu throughout your stay. However, it is important to be wary, as if you are going to the United States, there are many foods that you cannot bring with you when camping. This list will help you understand what you can and cannot do: Travelers bringing food into the U.S. for personal use.
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